Fire Safety Evaluation of Bio-SIP™ EN ISO 11925-2

Qube Buildings is actively advancing the fire safety validation of its Bio-SIP™ technology through the preparation for the EN ISO 11925-2 small flame test at BRE Global in Watford. This initiative comes on the heels of the company’s significant success in passing the more demanding EN1365-1 fire resistance test, also at BRE Global, highlighting the strength of their innovative construction material.

By submitting Bio-SIP™ samples for the forthcoming small flame test, Qube Buildings demonstrates a comprehensive approach to safety. The EN ISO 11925-2 test is critical for assessing the fire reaction performance of building materials, positioning Qube Buildings to affirm the Bio-SIP™ as a frontrunner in fire-safe, eco-friendly construction components.

Fire Safety Evaluation

Having triumphed in the EN1365-1 test, which evaluates materials under more extreme fire conditions, Qube Buildings is optimistic about the fire-resistance qualities of their Bio-SIP™ panels. The impending EN ISO 11925-2 test underscores the company’s dedication to adhering to stringent fire safety standards.

BRE Global, a globally recognized entity for the strict testing and certification of building materials, plays a vital role in the upcoming assessment of Bio-SIP™ panels, crucial for proving their fire performance. By pursuing this essential test, Qube Buildings showcases its commitment to ensuring their sustainable panels meet rigorous safety requirements.

The Bio-SIP™ technology is pioneering in the modular construction sector, offering a dependable and sustainable alternative to conventional building materials. This forthcoming certification further establishes Qube Buildings as a pioneer in constructing secure, environmentally friendly, and innovative housing solutions.

Qube Buildings‘ commitment to rigorous safety testing with BRE Global, a respected testing and certification authority, underscores their dedication to delivering green, fire-safe modular construction solutions. Successfully passing these critical tests will reinforce the Bio-SIP™ technology’s status as a secure, sustainable, and preferred option in the construction field.

For additional details about our Fire Safety Evaluation Bio-SIP small flame test, please reach out to us.