Qube Buildings: Leading Innovation in Sustainable Modular Construction with Bio-SIP™

Modular Construction with Bio-SIP™

Qube Buildings is at the forefront of the sustainable construction revolution, thanks to its groundbreaking Bio-SIP™ modular building system. Supported by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, and recipient of numerous innovation grants, Bio-SIP™ is crafted from natural fibers and recycled plastics, marking a significant breakthrough in modular construction technology.

The Bio-SIP™ system exemplifies Qube Buildings’ commitment to developing and implementing resource-efficient, advanced technological solutions. This innovative approach has recently been validated by the Bio-SIP™ system’s exceptional performance in the rigorous EN1365-1 fire resistance test, where it withstood more than 50 minutes of exposure to temperatures nearing 1000°C.

Bio-SIP™: A Leap Forward in Modular Building Systems
The Bio-SIP™ system stands out by providing unparalleled structural integrity without the need for traditional timber or steel frames, coupled with outstanding insulation properties achieved through entirely sustainable, eco-friendly materials. The insulation core of Bio-SIP™ is made from ArmaPET® Eco50 by Armacell, a 100% recycled material boasting impressive lifetime insulation performance and a Global Warming Potential value of just 23.2 kg CO2 eq/m³, certified by an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Innovatively integrating organic materials like flax or hemp fiber with a bio-resin creates a robust, watertight exterior. This is complemented by the addition of 12mm Magply MgO boards, enhancing fire resistance, structural integrity, and offering a versatile base for finishes. The comprehensive design of Bio-SIP™ results in a significantly better U-value of 0.10 for wall construction, showcasing a stark improvement over traditional SIPs.

A Sustainable Future with Bio-SIP™
Justin Murray, Co-Founder and Director of Qube Buildings, highlights the unique sustainable and thermal advantages of the Bio-SIP™ system. Its modular nature not only supports dismantling and reassembly for extended usability but also aligns with the stringent PassivHaus standards, demonstrating Qube Buildings’ dedication to the future of passive housing and sustainable construction.

Qube Buildings is driven by a vision for a sustainable future, as evidenced by its extensive range of projects including garden studios, tiny homes, and more, all showcased on their website. For those interested in learning more about the potential of Bio-SIP™ systems or inquiring about specific projects, Justin Murray invites direct contact.

Discover the innovative world of Bio-SIP™ at Qube Buildings and explore how sustainable modular construction is shaping a greener, more efficient future for housing and beyond. For further information, reach out to Justin Murray via email or phone.