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Bio SIP Panel product

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Here at Qube Buildings we are passionate about working with sustainable and raw materials, which can be fully recyclable, reusable. We owe it to our planet and the generations to come!

Our Bio-SIP™ are made from fully sustainable materials like bio-resin and fast growing natural fibers like hemp and flax. The natural fibers arrives at our factory in rolls and before processing, it resembles something that looks similar to coconut matting. The matting is then coated in a sugar resin, which is heat bound to the insulating core, forming our signature composite panels. The core is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles (PET,) offering superior insulation and thermal properties. Our Bio-SIP™ is both lightweight and extremely durable as a result, making Bio-SIP™ highly suitable for the construction of modular buildings, both large and small.

Benefits of Bio-SIP™

Choosing Bio-SIP™ for your construction project offers many advantages, including:

Eco Garden Studio


Not only are Qube Buildings passionate about shaping and influencing the market for modular buildings, but it is paramount to us that our customers feel informed, guided and excited by discovering the next generation in garden studios, structures and modular buildings which Qube Buildings has to offer.