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At Bio-SIP™ we pride ourselves on delivering products that not only meet but exceed industry standards for performance. Our dedication to innovation and quality assurance ensures that every aspect of our offerings, from fire resistance to thermal efficiency, is meticulously tested and optimized for superior performance. Explore the comprehensive breakdown of our product’s performance characteristics below, and discover why Bio-SIP™ is the trusted choice for those who demand nothing but the best.


Our commitment to safety is paramount. We adhere to rigorous testing standards to ensure our products meet and exceed industry requirements.

Small Flame Test (EN ISO 11925-2)

Results pending.

Reaction to Fire (EN 13823)

Results pending.

Resistance to Fire (EN1365-1:2012)

Utilizing Bio-SIP™ as part of a through-wall build-up, we meet the stringent requirements of EN1365-1:2012 for fire resistance. Achieving ratings of up to 53 minutes for load-bearing walls and non-load-bearing walls.

Wall Build-Up Example


150mm Bio-SIP™


18mm thick Magply battens on both faces

Additional Layer

Single layer of 12mm thick Magply board.


Efficient thermal performance is crucial for maintaining comfort and reducing energy costs.

Bio-SIP™ Thermal Conductivity (BS EN 1266)

Optimal performance ensured.

PET Insulating Core (EN 12667)

Thermal conductivity (λ) = W/m•K @ 23°C: 0.029


Our commitment to structural integrity is unwavering. We are currently undergoing standard testing to ensure our products meet the highest structural standards.

Water Absorption

Resilience against water is key to the longevity of our products

PET Insulation Core

Water Vapour Transmission (EN 12086)


Water Absorption 24h Partial Immersion (EN 1609)


Water Absorption Long-Term Total Immersion (EN 12087 Method 2A)


Air Tightness

Maintaining an airtight environment is essential for energy efficiency and comfort.

The insulating core of PET is designed as closed-cell, effectively assuming zero air infiltration.


Ensuring peace and quiet within your spaces is part of our commitment to excellence.

Currently undergoing standard testing to provide precise acoustic performance data.

Elevate Your Expectations

At Bio-SIP™, we’re not just meeting industry standards; we’re setting new benchmarks for performance. From fire resistance to thermal efficiency, structural integrity to water resilience, our products are meticulously tested and optimized to exceed expectations. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Bio-SIP™ delivers solutions that redefine excellence. Trust in our expertise to elevate your projects to unmatched levels of performance and reliability. Experience the difference with Bio-SIP™ today.

Overall thickness100 mm100mm119 mm150 mm150mm144 mm200 mm200 mm194 mm250 mm225mm 
Skin thickness3mm11mm11mm3mm11mm11mm3mm11mm11mm3mm11mm
Weight per sheet 1200 x 240041.859.5kg 44 kg45.8 kg65.2 kg 47 kg52.3kg71 kg 53 kg58.7kg73.9kg
weight per M214.5 kg20.65 kg15.3kg15.9 kg22.65kg16.3 kg18.2kg24.65 kg18.4 kg20.4kg25.65
Thermal bridge freeYesNo NoYesNo NoYesNo NoYesNo
Breather membrane neededNo YesYesNo YesYesNo YesYesNo Yes
Includes integrated spline jointYesNoNoYesNoNoYesNoNoYesNo